He is the founder of SIMON'S EARPLUG, the FIRST certified, branded ear plug of India.
Simon is a Pharmacist and a double Post graduate in BusinessManagement and Marketing.

He held Senior leadership Positions in the Healthcare Industry. INTAS BIOPHARMA (Chief Executive), DABUR PHARMA [Senior Vice president], SUN PHARMA[Senior General Manager] are some of the positions that he held before this project. He is credited with the introduction of AUGMENTIN[GlaxoSmithkline Beecham], the No.1 Antibiotic of India besides ten new Business Divisions in Healthcare right from inception. As Business Head, he managed many specialties including Cardiology, Diabetology, General Medicine, Gynecology and Oncology.

Simon has travelled and worked in different parts of the world. During his extensive travel within India, he realized the importance of protection from noise pollution. He observed that many metro city students are doing poorly in studies not because of poor intellect or lack of trying, but due to noise pollution. Also, people are not able to sleep in their homes and are consuming tons of sleeping pills, whereas the real reason is “noise “and not tension as many people think. Executives are arriving by flight in tired and stressed out state due to inflight noise. Sane people with good background are getting in to road rage.Many studies have shown the negative impact on the fetus when pregnant women are subjected to hazardous noise. Patients are recovering late in Hospitals due to noise pollution in wards and even in ICU.

After studying the noise pollution levels in India and its impact on people, Simon decided to bring in earplugs with world class technology.
Thus, SIMON'S EARPLUG was born.